HIPAA Compliance

Privacy Statement
EMS Notes does not save any patient information other than the call info saved by you, the user. When you delete a call it is no longer stored in the phone. EMS Notes takes extra steps to delete the call information in a way that file recovery programs have less of a chance to find. ( still testing and developing this )

Sending email using the send now option sends the report to my server to then be emailed out the address provided. No info is saved, stored or viewed at all.

The archive is now pass code protected with a code choosen by you. The code must be at least 3 digits. For protection against brute force ( simply trying all possible codes ), you have 6 chances to enter the right code before the archive is deleted. You will then be asked for a new code. This is the method for setting the code if you forget yours.

I am still working on improvements with security and privacy and there will be more updates to come.

If you have any privacy or HIPAA concerns, questions, or advice please email me
jasonricemedia - AT - gmail.com